I’m So Over, Overthinking.

You lay in bed, after a long day and stare at the ceiling. Starting to play back your day from beginning to end, you go over the key details you think you may have missed in the moments they happened. You start to over analyze every little brief moment of the conversation you had with … Continue reading I’m So Over, Overthinking.


Saying Goodbye To Your Past

Our pasts and the history of our lives shape who we become in the future. The past experiences we've had play a major role in who we are, where we're going, and what we want. It is incredibly easy to get stuck in the thought of good and bad memories. Remembering the good parts of … Continue reading Saying Goodbye To Your Past

Communicate, DON’T Complicate

per·cep·tion pərˈsepSH(ə)n/ noun 1a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; a mental impression. Perception is huge. We all may interpret the same statement, idea, picture, taste, noise, or sight of things differently. Initially, some rush to perceive things ultimately resulting in misunderstandings, miscommunication, and jumping to conclusions. A majority of the time, we forget … Continue reading Communicate, DON’T Complicate

Self-Confidence: Securing The Bag Within Yourself

Securing The Bag Within Yourself Youtube As millennials, we tend to focus on securing the bag financially, and making sure we get that paycheck. But we often forget to refocus our priorities, and make ourselves our main focus. Remembering to build the massive level of self-confidence that we need in order to succeed is huge. … Continue reading Self-Confidence: Securing The Bag Within Yourself

Mental Health Awareness| It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

1 in 5 young adults in North America live with a mental health condition. From mild phases of depression to harshly diagnosed schizoaffective disorders, mental health strikes demographics of all varieties in our country. Teens and young adults are the demographic that are more commonly faced with these hardships. The National Alliance on Mental Illness … Continue reading Mental Health Awareness| It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

Moments in Motivation: Hustle on a Daily 

There are several attributes a person needs to possess in order to become successful in life. Talent, of course, is eminent. The ability to be self motivated is very important as well. Possessing an impeccable amount of self motivation will ultimately lead you to THE major asset:  hustle. Do you feel like your hustle needs … Continue reading Moments in Motivation: Hustle on a Daily 

NEW year, New us: A letter from the writer

2016 is a year to be remembered  forever. The dramatic changes in politics, the devasting blows of losing some of our favorite celebrities, the updated technology of the new millennium, and the memorable moments of sports media have significantly shaped the year all together. The many major shifts across the world have continued to throw … Continue reading NEW year, New us: A letter from the writer

Fake Love: Friendships or ForNowships?

Moments in Motivation #5: Unintentionally, we as business people tend to prefer to do business with people we like. That generally makes sense, considering you wouldn't want to work with someone you can't even tolerate.  Dealing with workplace friendships and personal friendships can be very synonymous to one another. But maintaining personal friendships can and … Continue reading Fake Love: Friendships or ForNowships?