Saying Goodbye To Your Past

Our pasts and the history of our lives shape who we become in the future. The past experiences we’ve had play a major role in who we are, where we’re going, and what we want.

It is incredibly easy to get stuck in the thought of good and bad memories. Remembering the good parts of toxic relationships can easily lead you to think your past should be revisited. Allowing bad memories to resurface can very much so pull you back into a traumatic space.

The negativity of your past will always try to make its way back into your present life.

The power behind letting go of the past lies within your power to move forward.

How My Past Affects My Life

In this current phase of my life, my past has been resurfacing and attempting to make its way into my present.


The thought of the experiences I’ve built for myself previously in my career have been, at times, making me feel as though I’m currently not living to my full potential.

I keep looking at what I’ve done, without giving myself credit for the efforts I’m making towards the direction I am going career wise.

I have been re-reading the chapters I’ve already finished, not allowing God the carry me to the best chapters yet to come.

When working on your career, how quickly you succeed does not matter. A lot of time, effort, and sacrifices will be made when you’re reaching for your career goals.

As long as you don’t quit on your dreams, you will succeed.

Even focusing on the good of the past can keep you from living in the great.


Traumatic experiences of my childhood and my youth still haunt me as a 25 year old woman.

The perpetrators whom once violated me as a little girl are still attempting to rob me of my peace as an adult. Toxic relationships I once had in college, and the heart break from them, are still easing to resurface into my relationships as a grown woman. Even the depression and suicidal thoughts that once robbed me of my joy, are seeking to take away my growth.

I say this all to say the past will always try to take over your present, hell, even your future. Certain traumas have a way of settling into your spirit, and stealing away any positives you have in your future.

What I have learned is that if I’ve overcome my past and climbed up from rock bottom once before, I can do it again. We all can. No trauma, no negativity, no wrong doing of your past can take away your blessings.

Moving Forward

If you are unable to let go of your past, you’ll always have a hard time giving your future the true attention it deserves.

Past relationships are one of the hardest things to move forward from, next to traumatic experiences.

Holding onto an unhealthy relationship God already delivered you from can be detrimental to your growth. Sure, you miss the person you once loved. That is normal. But attempting to relive the good will also have you living with and enabling the bad.

But, of course, letting go of what once was is always easier said than done.

Think about it like this:

If you have a juicy, perfectly cooked filet mignon on your plate, why are you still reminiscing on the fast food you had yesterday? Yeah, it was cheaper and quick to get. But the filet represents how hard you’ve worked, and the growth you’ve accomplished to be able to afford such a beautiful steak. Think about it. The more you waste time talking about that processed meal you had, the colder your filet will get as you neglect it.

You can miss the opportunity of something better by looking back at something you grew from.

Physical, mental, and emotional self care is the best way to maintain your space from your past. Work out and give extra attention to your physical health. Meditate and allow yourself the time to shut down, and have that much needed “me” time. Seek out life counseling to further keep you on the right track. It’s always nice to have the support and second opinion of those not directly involved with your personal past experiences.

Change your life’s habits so that you are better set up for success. Find those triggers, and attack them like they attempt to attack your peace. Fix your shortcomings so that you can happily live in your present.

It is easy to allow your past to control your life. But always remember to conquer any of the adversities the past may throw your way. Never crumble under the negativity.

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