Monumental Changes

Happy New Year, Conquerors!

A new year often creates the great opportunity for new things. At the beginning or ending of a year, we often set new goals for ourselves, develop new standards, build new relationships, and even move to new places.

I have to say that for me, personally, this new year has been a confusing one. I know, it just started.

About a week ago, I relocated from the growing midwestern city of Indianapolis, Indiana all the way back down south to my home of Houston, Texas. From the moment I set foot in Indianapolis, I was eager to move back down south to be around familiar things. It wasn’t until the very end of my 3-year residency in Indy that I began to really feel at home in the city. I had always planned on moving back down south once I finished my program at IUPUI. But I never anticipated gaining such great friends, networking with some of the most creative people, or building such strong bonds with my then clientele.

So naturally, when it came time for me to leave, I didn’t want to go. Finally, just when I had started to enjoy the place I had lived for over 3 years, I had to go?! Definitely frustrated me, not going to lie.

But here’s the thing, Conquerors. I didn’t start to appreciate the change that had come to my life until I made the best of it. Of course I didn’t like Indianapolis the first two years I was there. I didn’t do anything but go to school, go to work, and go home. Yeah, I dated a couple of people here and there. But they weren’t bringing any value to my life, and to be honest, neither was I.

Once I started to put my blog out there, network with more creatives in the city, build relationships with like-minded individuals, and date quality people, I began to feel like my stay was worthwhile.


I say this all to say that here, in 2019, I am retracing the steps I previously took in accepting the monumental changes the new year is currently bringing me.

A big issue I am currently trying to overcome in my change is remembering to allow myself the time to adjust. I was so focused on the success that I previously had in Indianapolis, that I was depriving myself the peace of a fresh start.

Growth is a jagged path, especially when you’re trying to pamper the potential you and build for your future. When major changes in your life occur, you have to allow yourself the time to cope, adjust, and move forward. Every time you deprive yourself of this vulnerability, you further delay securing your own success.

Also, be tuned into whether or not it is even the change itself that you’re opposed to. Are you acknowledging your resistance?  Why are you so opposed to the change that you’re facing? Know the difference between actually fearing the changes, and feeling the loss of what you may have had in the past.

Often times, we stay focused on our failures, or the mistakes we’ve previously made. Instead of dwelling on where you went wrong, look for learning opportunities in the non-fulfillment of your efforts. Make peace with what already was, what could’ve been, or what held you back in your past. It’s called your past for a reason. Press forward with positivity.

When conquering the monumental changes of your new year, try these three key tips:

  • Seek firm, and consistent support.
  • Find your purpose in the change.
  • Focus on your self-love, and your appreciation of life.


Seeking consistent support is incredibly important whenever you are dealing with a change, or anything monumental in your life altogether. The circle you keep will either lead you to success, or cause you stress. Positivity creates the environment needed to overcome any negative mindsets we may have, when dealing with change. Lack of support, and the wrong crowd, may ultimately help create your demise. I’ve been blessed enough to have a supportive few friends, old and new, that offer the best advice to almost everything I may vent to them about. Some of my greatest post quotes, come from my support systems.

Find your purpose in the new changes that have taken presence in your life. A new friend of mine has this saying he’s been quoting lately that really hits home: “Fall in love with the process.”

The reason we get so resistant to change is because we forget why we strive for success in the first place. The road to success is a tough one, don’t get me wrong. But the some of most beautiful things come out of the hardest journeys. Appreciate your new opportunity to create things during the often long, eventful process.

Focus on loving yourself first. Trust me, self-love is a hell of a thing to perfect. The older I’ve become, and the more I’ve accomplished as a person, the stronger my love and respect for myself has grown. Nobody is perfect, obviously. We all put our drawers on, one leg at a time, and some of us put them on backwards. The point is we do our best with what we’ve got, and we keep it moving. Appreciate your own resiliency, and understand that you have done well for yourself thus far. Our imperfections are what make us who we are.

Remember to embrace the monumental changes that you may face, as we conquer the new year. Try being more open to the windy road ahead. We as Conquerors don’t have to have it together at all times, y’all. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. It’s more than okay to go with the flow, and live freely of the stressors we often place upon ourselves.

Change is situational, Conquerors. The “unknown” doesn’t last forever.

As always, Conquer. Don’t crumble.






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