Self-Confidence: Securing The Bag Within Yourself

Securing The Bag Within Yourself Youtube

As millennials, we tend to focus on securing the bag financially, and making sure we get that paycheck. But we often forget to refocus our priorities, and make ourselves our main focus.

Remembering to build the massive level of self-confidence that we need in order to succeed is huge. It is okay to acknowledge when your weak moments may take presence over your stronger ones.

However, it is never okay to neglect an opportunity for growth, nor an opportunity to pamper our potential.

Keeping a unique perspective

A key factor in building up your self-confidence is maintaining the ability to keep things into perspective. Keeping things into perspective not only includes categorizing your priorities without allowing them to overlap with one another; but also pertains to upholding the ability to seek out unique approaches.

‘How to Think Like da Vinci’ by Daniel Smith is a great resource to refer to when seeking out unique perspectives. Leonardo da Vinci was not only an artist, but he was also an incredible musician, mathematician, engineer, architect, and many other successful things.

Whenever facing new tasks, he made it a priority to not only seek out unique approaches but develop several of his own.

One approach that is documented and can be traced to his notes today states:

Whenever a figure is placed at a considerable distance you lose the first distinctiveness of the smallest parts; while the larger parts are left to last, losing all distinctness of detail and outline. – Leonardo da Vinci

Did you catch that? If not, read that statement over again until it resonates in you.

This miraculous statement can be seen and applied literally, or metaphorically to any situation in our lives.

When you are looking at a goal, task, or even a potential opportunity, you can easily overlook the smallest yet most important details. This is a mistake many of us make when we do not take the time to appreciate the small things in life.

When you overlook the intricate, minor details of the big picture, you are essentially losing the effectiveness of the detail that will inspire you to do great things. Don’t cheat yourself by rushing your way to the finish line.

Keeping the focus on you

Another thing that is going to help you secure that bag within yourself is making sure you keep the focus on you.

Now, I know this may sound a bit obnoxious and egotistical. But hear me out.

Honestly Conquerors, I’m here to tell you that it is more than okay for you to make things about YOU. It’s amazing that you are willing to help others, be responsible, and prioritize the necessities in life. But if you do not prioritize yourself before anything else, you will crumble under every hardship and trial life throws your direction.

Something that has helped me develop and keep the focus on myself as a young woman has been Steve Harvey’s ‘Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man’.

This easily relatable novel not only helps women establish standards and morals within themselves, but it also gives a man’s perspective (Author, Steve Harvey) on relationships and love as a whole.

Now I know what you’re thinking. No, you do not have to be looking for love or companionship to gain something huge from this book. I read this book shortly after ending a long, but toxic relationship just to re-evaluate my standards and set new goals for myself internally. Reading this book helped me reposition my priorities in my life, and establish clear guidelines for where I wanted to be, and what I wanted for myself in the long run.

Keeping A Clean Circle

For me personally, the biggest contributor to toxicity blocking my potential to secure the bag within myself has been the negativity of those around me.

For years, I’ve struggled with allowing the next person’s opinions of me and my potential affect my mentality. This is what I like to called “Self-Demoting“.

At some point, you have to realize who the hell you are and demote other’s opinions for they do not pertain to the greatness that is in store for you.

If you find that you need to remove yourself from those around you whom may negatively affect you spiritually, emotionally, mentally, or even financially, do so as needed.

The more you allow someone else’s negativity to instill in your mentality, the further you will be from pampering your potential self, and becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be.

Pushing Forward

It is not always going to be easy removing those that you’ve once valued from your life. It may even be the hardest thing some of us have ever had to do. But Conquerors, you have to remember what your end goal is. Refocus your goals, and remember that your are the priority of your own journey.

You’re a Conqueror, not a crumbler.

Thanks for reading!

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