Mental Health Awareness| It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

1 in 5 young adults in North America live with a mental health condition.

From mild phases of depression to harshly diagnosed schizoaffective disorders, mental health strikes demographics of all varieties in our country. Teens and young adults are the demographic that are more commonly faced with these hardships.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness has documented that more than half the population of teens battling mental illnesses developed their conditions between the ages 14 and 24.

Experiencing the first signs of possibly possessing a mental illness at such a young age can be incredibly scary. Whether it is mild stress or a short-term depression, understanding your current mental state is key. Seeking out clarity during these times of confusion would be terrifying for those of you whom have never had any experience in dealing with mental health as a whole.

DO NOT be ashamed nor afraid of opening up to a licensed professional, or even a loved ones whom may be willing to help you overcome your trials.


My Story

Internal Observation:

As a young girl, I faced several traumatizing incidents in my early adolescence. Being so young at the time, I sheltered my hardships and dealt with my insecurities internally. There from my youth into my early adulthood, I developed the worthless coping skill of not coping at all. I would allow myself to sulk in my own sorrows, and waste away so much of my own time.
Not only did my own self pity affect me negatively, but it hindered the loved ones I had placed around me. Being in such a negative space internally, I created a lot of toxicity in my own life and relationships. I lacked clarity, ambition, the ability to self motivate, and morality as a whole.

My lack of growth and self demise resulted in my eventual diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder, or MDD.

Acknowledging my diagnosis, I took the steps needed to pull myself out of this sunken pit of negativity. I found what it was I wanted to do, and I set goals to get myself there. I held myself accountable for my own actions, and made the moves I needed to make towards pampering my own potential self.

My Story, My Diagnosis-

Demoting Stress

Stress. The often unbareable weight on your shoulders that distracts you from your true growth. Life hands us different stressors, big or small, on a daily basis. Many of those stressors can’t be prevented, nor removed regardless of how much we may want to remove them from our lives.

Though there are a significant amount of stressors that cannot be minimized, we still must find ways to not only cope with but demote the unnecessary stressors we face. When you surf the web, it’s easy to locate various tips and tricks to deal with the stressors in life. But finding ways to demote and eliminate daily stressors can be rather difficult.
Having the ability to reject unnecessary stressors is a major asset in attempting to reach your ultimate success. I myself, at times find it rather difficult to remind myself to selectively choose which situations, tasks, or even people cause me unhealthy stress. For one, being a millennial can hold its own various troublesome stressors.

Take this example for a spin:

During my early undergrad years, I worked at a franchise Greek restaurant for about 2 years. While working at this restaurant I was given tremendous responsibility, and often looked to for quick resolutions to the daily conflicts my coworkers and I faced as customer service representatives. Whether it was making multiple orders at a time, dealing with incredibly unhappy customers, or cleaning the store from top to bottom, the thought of reminding myself not to stress out was constantly blocked. From the moment I would clock into work at 10 o’clock that morning to the time I’d clock out at 10 pm that evening, I was physically and psychologically exhausted.

Pushing Past the Stress:

Chris Brown shared a synonymous concept to the one below on his Instagram page, @chrisbrownofficial several weeks ago:

A key in demoting stress, is to give an intensely stressful situation 72 hours and 3 sleeps. This is enough time to give yourself to unwind and de-stress. It becomes a process of accepting something you cannot change nor control, and moving on from it. Letting the hurt or disappointment go is the key to evolving.

Religious Interference:


When writing my blog posts, I try to maintain a certain respect for the diverse spiritualities of my readers. Never do I want to offend, nor overstep my bounds in stressing my beliefs. However, I feel it would be disingenuous of me to not share all of my growth with those of you whom support CONQUER Don’t Crumble.

The main thing that has helped carry me throughout my recovery and growth has been my relationship with God.

Over the years, I have struggled with the belief or acceptance of God and Christianity as a whole. There have been times where I even held anger towards God for the trials and tribulations I was facing at the time. In my eyes, I was a victim to the hand I was dealt.

From an early age, my family instilled in me how important it was to have Him in my life. Throughout my self demise, I grew further and further from their lessons and testimonies. After attempting to conquer all of my traumatic experiences and their stressors alone, I realized that I was not equipped with the mindset I needed to grow from them. Recently, I made the decision to rekindle the relationship I once had with God and I’ve never felt better.

For myself personally, my relationship with Him created a basic understanding of what I wanted to live for. My religious outsource is what gives me clarity in situations that I would alone just crumble in.

While religion as a whole may not be for everyone, it has made all the difference in me pampering my potential self.

Surrounding Yourself with Positivity:

An unsteady circle, is a toxic circle. Always protect your environment, and maintain control of whom you keep around you. Make sure the people you choose to carry on relationships with feed you just as much positivity as you feed them.

Negativity can be contagious, but so can positivism. Push past the haters and naysayers to allow the positive enhancements in your life come through.

Just Do The Damn Thing-Music Helps!

Music can easily be another outlet for anyone attempting to overcome overthinking, or unhappiness as a whole.

When or if you’re ever feeling like you can’t conquer an obstacle you are faced with, just put on Nicki Minaj’s Moment For Life.

When this single released, I blasted it every morning before heading to school. Not only is this song an “I’m here, now respect my hustle” anthem, but it shows the hard work and grind of being able to say “I did the damn thing”. Nicki’s Fly, featuring Rihanna shares a similar message.

Now if you’re in a conquering mood, pull up yourself by your bootstraps and listen to Hustle Hard by Ace Hood. The rapper has been in and out of the music scene over the last several years, but his music always hits home. Ace Hood’s songs are more than transparent, easily allowing his fans and listeners to correlate his message over to their own struggles.

It’s All In Your Head

A lot of the time, our own mental health is in our control. Overthinking and insecurities can be demoted from causing us so much unhappiness.

Depression is a bully. Even this infection of negativity can be dissolved over time. In my findings, it is all about what you allow your mind to give into and be taken a victim of.

Unfortunately, not everyone has this advantage. Ones trauma may be a heavier load to carry than another’s disappointment. Many of you may be facing a more complicated diagnosis than the next. This is why self awareness and education is important. Seek out professionals to provide you with the resources and coping skills best suited for you.

If you are ever fighting the urge to self harm or even commit suicide, please reach out before making such a permanent decision. Call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline, 1-800-273-8255, if you need someone to talk to. They are there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I promise you, there are others that know your pain. There are always people willing to help you. You just have to say “I need help.”

In striving to reach your ultimate success, remember to take care of yourself FIRST Conquerors. You wouldn’t drive your car on E would you? Fill up your tank with self-love, happiness, and ambition whenever you think you maybe be running a little low.

-This post is dedicated to my loved one fighting through a mental illness everyday.

NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness. (n.d.). Retrieved November 7, 2017, from

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