NEW year, New us: A letter from the writer


2016 is a year to be remembered  forever. The dramatic changes in politics, the devasting blows of losing some of our favorite celebrities, the updated technology of the new millennium, and the memorable moments of sports media have significantly shaped the year all together. The many major shifts across the world have continued to throw us through a loop, forcing us to adjust to such evolution day by day.

New Years is all about change. People reminisce on the good and bad memories, signifying the overall extent of how their year was. Based on how much or how little those may feel they need to reassess, resolutions to the previous year’s troublesome areas are made. From weight loss agendas or cutting bad eating habits, to reevaluating the unproductive relationships, New Year’s resolutions help shape the “new you”.

This year alone, I had to removed people from my life that I would’ve never thought I’d be able to live without. For months I’ve felt that these individuals whom have seen me at my absolute worst, are missing out on seeing me reach my absolute best.

I’ve grown so much to not only be able to provide for myself, but have jumped over so many of the restrictions and boundaries that once stopped me from shining. The scared, unmotivated Asya I once was no longer exists. Where I was once hopeless, I was granted me the peace and clarity to be able to find a happiness on my own.

At 22, I’ve moved to a far region I have never been familiar with, I’ve started my own business and fully trusted in it, I’ve strengthened my business savvy, and I’ve allowed those who deserve my love to love me harder.

Moving on from troublesome relationships, unsuccessful business ventures, or unproductive partnerships is always tough. Having the ability to shutdown the doubts, remove ourselves from the turmoil, and re-evaluate our goals is what will lead us to the gold.

I’m so blessed and happy to be given the opportunity to continue to grow, and I cannot wait to see what 2017 has in store for me. Thank you so much to my viewers and subscribers. Y’all have truly given me the confidence to build on one of my passions, writing. Without the support and the feedback of my readers, I would not be motivated enough to continue to share my short stories and life advice.

The optimism we instill in ourselves and in each other is an essential attribute we must carry. We all possess the potential to successfully overcome the challenges that the new year may bring us. Tap into that inner beast of yours, and prevail.

Conquering, never crumbling.

2017, to be continued…

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