Developing Your Creativity: Trust me, it’s there.

Creativity is the use of the imaginative ideas, heavy in originality in the production of any form of artistic work. In short, creativity consists of your original ideas or innovations, conventional or unconventional. Unconventional thinking in branding your small business is ‘muy bueno’. If you aren’t aiming to convey originality or creativity in your brand, then your business will fade into the background of its fellow competitors. Creativity will be the key form of differentiation that will impact the success of your brand’s departments.


The phrase “curiosity killed the cat‘ is normally used in a negative way. Typically in life, being over curious about others affairs or business may get you into some trouble. Let’s be real here, you don’t want anybody in your business right? Well when it comes to enhancing your creativity in your business, curiosity can help you stay ahead of the marketing curve. Being curious about the new and upcoming innovations in your business market will give you a one-up on your competition.

Balancing your creativity and your business professionalism is very important in branding your own business. You will frequently meet challenges within developing your creativity and business savvy. Finding your creativity in building your brand can at times come through unfortunate crisis. Try approaching your small or big business crisis with your creativity. You never know, you may be able to solve the problem and kill the crisis easier than you think. There will too, be times where you or your business partners may realize not all forms of creativity will work in your business. As the boss or the CEO of your brand, make the executive decisions to determine what key components will ultimately help your brand thrive. Being able to separate your sometimes, overly creative ideas with practical business innovations will ultimately help you in the long run.

If you have business partners or employees, set the example in your brand’s creative developments. Build a creative culture or help your partners engage in creative thinking. Hold weekly or Bi-weekly creative consulting meetings with your employees. Brainstorming groups not only help give you more insight into your employees’ thought process, but they give those employees the feel that their opinions of your brand matter.


In order to further enable creativity in the workplace, think of creative ways to reward creativity. Motivation is key here. You have to motivate your partners and staff to regularly set business goals, and reward those that go the extra mile to reach them. Tangible rewards are always appreciated. Gift cards, discounts, or small prizes make everybody happy. Intangible rewarding like basic recognition for reaching prior set goals is greatly appreciated as well.

Making the clear point that diversity is accepted and promoted in your business is key. In this day and age, diversity is inevitable. Embrace the diversity in your brand, embrace the diversity in your employees, and the diversity that may arise in their creative ideas. Also establish and create a happy, peaceful work environment. Nobody wants to work in a workplace where they may feel unappreciated. Nor do people want report to work in a continuously hostile environment. Often at times, a serious mindset in the workplace can hinder creativity. Having fun at work can create the openness, to allow your employees to feel relaxed and positive at work. POSITIVE VIBES MOTIVATE CREATIVITY.

Creativity is essential in distinct business fields such as marketing and design. Given that these two fields are heavily built on differentiating brands from one another, creativity is absolutely necessary. Given that, having unconventional thinking habits in creativity can go a looooong way in just about every business field or type of branding. Even if your brand is a pure monopoly, creativity is and always should be evident in your product or service. In order for your brand to be the “one and only” brand of its kind, you have to set yourself out from possible future competitors. Don’t stress yourself on whether or not you have the creative abilities to build your successful brand. Conquer the target market or business field you choose to position your brand in. Don’t crumble.
Thanks for reading! Happy CONQUERING!


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