Moments in Motivation #3: Do You Really Need All That Baggage?

Every one has heard of “bringing baggage” into a new relationship, right? Typically, having baggage has always been looked at negatively. Let’s take a different look at what carrying baggage may mean outside of personal relationships, and more so in businesses and in life in general.

Take this scenario Singer, Kelly Price mentioned on her Instagram account (@mskellyprice), for a spin: You’re at the bus station or at the airport, about to check your bags prior to boarding your bus or flight. Now if you’re like me, you may have over packed a few extra things just in case. You place your bag on the scale, and the bus or flight representative tells you that your bag is over the weight limit and you must pay a fee. Now you decide whether or not you’re going to pay the expensive fee, or remove a few items from your bag that you may not need. If you remove sed items, you avoid the pricey fee.  But if you keep your bag the way it was and pay the fee, you risk the chance of getting to your destination and realizing that you never needed those items in the first place. baggage


Life is the same way. If you continue to attach yourself to the things or the people who aren’t supposed to follow you on your journey, you’re carrying EXTRA BAGGAGE into a phase where you’re ultimately capable of reaching success. Life is full of seasons. Every relationship, business or personal, is either seasonal or worth a lifetime. Most relationships you come across will be seasonal. Theses types of partnerships, friendships, relationships, or even marriages exists for a moment to help you learn and grow. Seasonal relationships help you figure out who you are, what you stand for, and what you want out of life. Maintaining unhealthy or unnecessary relationships, longer than they are intended, only hinder you from reaching true success and happiness. In order for you conquer your quests, you will have to get rid of the extra baggage regardless of how hard the process may be.

Don’t crumble under the trials and tumultuous phases throughout your journey. Conquer.


– Anonymous 


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