Moment in Motivation #2: Confidence in your Company

Developing or starting your own brand can be very frightening. Not only are you aiming to successfully translate your branding idea to an outside audience, but you are taking a chance on the dream you have spent much time building. Whether your company or business was an overnight idea, or a dream you have spent your whole life building into a reality, confidence in your brand is key.

There will be plenty, and I mean plenty, of people that will not understand your vision. There will be more than enough people waiting for you to fail. Then, there will be a few people rooting for you and for your business to become a success. I could not even begin to count the many laughs or negative remarks in regards to my brand I’ve heard or seen, from my peers. Although I’ve had a handful of supporters, at times, the negative comments spoke loudly over the mild words of encouragement. You can not rely on that small percentage of positivity to give you the strength and persistence to continue building your success story. Research your target consumers, get to know your audience, and  study the market in which you plan to position your brand. Educate yourself, and gain the knowledgable insight about your competitiors to build your company innovatingly around other competing businesses. Your company is your baby. You will spend many months, or even years, caring and nurturing your company into the mature, successful brand you wish for it to become.

Be confident in your company. Build your brand, until you get excited enough to brag about the great things it is your business has to come! Remember, cockiness and narcissism is never attractive. But confidence in your brand is always a strong selling point.

Happy conquering, CONQUERORS!


– Asya D. Eason




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