Branding 101: Launching Your Brand

Concluding researching your brand target consumers, positioning your brand in a market, creating your brand identity and logo, you will now be ready to launch your brand! Launching your brand is where your brand will be seen and translated to your target audience.

Sit back, buckle your seat belts, and hold tight Conquerors. This is where the hard work and dedication come in..

Internal Launches V. External Launches

Branch launching generally happens in two separate phases, internal and external launches.

Internal launches are the first step in launching your brand. This is the point in which you will share your brand with future shareholders, managers, employees, and key partners in your company. Sharing your brand ideas with future shareholders, managers help these parties further understand what it is you are branding. Always be prepared to answer questions like “Why are you branding this?” or “How will this strengthen your business?” Linking your new brand or branding program to your business goals will also help translate your brand mission to your investors, managers, and employees. Before you let new or loyal supporters and clients view your new brand identity, give them a preview. Hold a small forum or a quiet, exclusive meeting to share your brand and show your supporters what your new brand has to offer. REMEMBER, this meeting is essential to the launching of your new brand. So plan carefully and accordingly.

Telling the story of how your brand reflects what you or your business stand for is essential in launching your new brand. External launches are where your brand goes public. This is where you will unveil your brand name, your unique logo, and your brand’s tagline or slogan. Effective marketing is important in your brand’s external launch. Write a marketing plan for building awareness for your brand through digital ways in communication, advertising, publicity, promotional deals, and social media. In this day and age, social media marketing is key! Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are all free social media websites that can be used to market and promote your brand. Author of The Zen of Social Media Marketing, Shama Kabani, shares her insight on the key points and helpful tips in social media marketing.

Managing and protecting your brand after launching it is the essential “care and feeding” phase in your branding process. Imagine purchasing a beautiful orchid that caught your eye in a nearby florist’s shop. Watering your plant, exposing your plant to the right amount of sunlight, and caring for your plant would ensure the longevity of your new orchid’s life. It is the same concept following launching your brand. This stage of leverage requires excessive persistence. My mother always told me, “Persistence is key. If you are persistent, people will have no choice but to remember you.” We all know popular brands that persistently market their businesses, for example McDonald’s fast food restaurant or Macy’s department store. McDonald’s catchy “I’m Lovin’ It” tagline has been engraved in billions of minds all over the world, and is persistently displayed on televisions everywhere. Macy’s red star logo wasn’t developed until early 2005, but has become as recognizable and memorable as the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Lack of persistence is where most new brands lose leverage. Good branding management and protection is equivalent to consistency. Maintain a consistent look, constantly changing your logo or marketing tactics will make it difficult for consumers to understand your brand. Project the same tone or message in all of your marketing tactics, and stay true to your brand mission. Product QUALITY is important. I could not tell you how many times I’ve returned to a well-liked restaurant, and been disappointed in the lack of consistency in the taste of my food. Inconsistency will always leave your target consumers with a bad taste in their mouth, and will leave you with less supporters.

The moment you launch your new brand, you begin making first impressions of your brand, good or bad. Over time, brand realignment and re-branding will be necessary to keeping your target consumers intrigued and engaged. We will touch on Brand Realignment in next week’s blog.

Thanks for reading, and happy Conquering!

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