Branding 101: Developing your brand identity


Putting a name, a logo, or a face to your brand will almost immediately catch the attention of your target consumers.This is the point where branding gets exciting!

Your brand name is EVERYTHING. When it comes to finding your brand name, a lot of your time and a good amount of money will be invested. Certain steps should be followed if you wish for your brand to span over a large market area, or compete against possible likewise major brand names. Ideally, every business strives for their brand name to further support the major vision of the company, and help establish future longevity for the brand. Consider what you want most for your brand to transmit. Ask yourself as a founder or creator of your brand, what words define the character that you want your brand name to convey?

Whether or not you decide to consult with a professional marketing firm or an outside branding party for assistance in naming your brand, remember to make it your own. Some brand names just come naturally, while others may take plenty of time and effort to create. When creating CONQUERdontCrumble™, I unexpectedly discovered my branding name after repeating “Conquer, don’t crumble” to myself as my daily mantra. After establishing my venture as a motivational consulting brand, I knew that this brand name would be ideal for the market in which I was positioning my business. Relativity is important in choosing a brand name. If your brand is not relative to your target market, your brand will not be translatable to your target consumers.

Scanning through magazines, likewise brand websites, dictionaries, and thesauruses is a helpful way to trigger thoughts of brand names. Also, try visiting the places that your target consumers frequent. Take notes of commonly used phrases or sayings you may come across.

After choosing your brand name, clarify these few key points:

  1. Is it easily read and spelled?
  2. Does it accurately depict or support your brand idea?
  3. Is it unique?
  4. Can you protect it? (trademarks)

Trademarking or registering your brand name can get a bit pricey, but it is a key element in making your brand name a reality. Following the 4 key points, you will now be able to say that you have a brand name! How exciting, right?!

Now onto your logo!

A logo is a trademark or symbol that represents the face of your brand. Ultimately, your logo is going to be the key way that consumers will be able to identify with your brand. Consumers will be able to do this through your packaging, viewing your signage, accessing your website, possibly receiving your business card, and purchasing your product or receiving your services that your business may provide. Many businesses also attach a tagline to their logo. A tagline is a memorable phrase that helps consumers further identify or remember your brand. Taglines are also a great way for brands with untranslatable logos to further describe their brand.PhotoGrid_1463437685259


Your tagline should be short, unique, and simple. Be creative in creating your tagline, while also keeping it easily translatable to a diverse array of consumers. Our tagline here at CDC ™ is “What is your limit to reaching success?”. This simple question, and short cliff-hanger, often leaves our audience thinking about what lengths they would go to to reach their point ultimate success.

Concluding creating your brand identity, you will now be ready to launch your brand! Sit back, buckle your seat belts, and hold tight Conquerors. This is where the hard work and dedication come in…

See you next week!

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